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Captures images and videos on the screen to move to other files

Captures images and videos on the screen to move to other files

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Program license: Free

Program by: TechSmith

Version: 2.5.47113

Works under: Mac

Also available for Windows


Program license

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If you have to do anything online that requires taking screen captures like videos or imagines and use a Mac, then Jing from Techsmith is a program that you may want to try out to help simplify the tasks.

Overview of Jing

If you're one of the many people who produce videos online, or if you do online research and need to save images and video captures, then a program like Jing for Mac is definitely right up your alley. Unlike a lot of the competitors out there, this program doesn't cost nearly as much, and it has basically the same sort of functionality that all of those costly programs have. You can use it to select areas of your screen for quick image captures, or you can take actual video captures with this program.

This is a program for Mac from Techsmith, the same company that created the super popular Camtasia Studio. This program has a lot in common with Camtasia, though there is no editor included and the feature set is more simplistic. It's available for Mac and Mac OS X systems, and its only available language is English. You get a trial version for free that has a lot of functionality.

How Jing Works

When you first open Jing, you should be able to easily figure out how to get the hang of it. What comes up is a green transparent box that you can size to your exact parameters, so that you can start taking screen shots of a certain area, or even video captures. Then it's as simple as pressing record or going through the other functions to just snap shots of the screen.

The recording feature is also pretty self-explanatory. You're going to see a rectangle that gives you options to start, stop, pause, and delete. Stopping the recording will initially render the project inside of the program and then offer you an option to save it. You can save it to any destination folder you want.

Jing Features

Unlike Camtasia, you're not getting a full-featured editor with this program, but you are going to get a few very cool features that you can make good use of. For instance, when you're finalizing a project, you can load it up directly to YouTube, Facebook, or even through an FTP server. Keep in mind that any FTP transfers are complicated and this isn't a feature you would want to tinker with unless you know how to upload directly to an FTP.

By and large, the features of Jing are relatively easy to use, and its user interface is very clean. It's about what you would expect from a program developed by Techsmith. Also remember, however, that this is only a free trial and the full program is going to cost.

Pros and Cons of Jing


  • Very easy program to learn
  • Takes high quality shots and videos
  • Instantly share to social media or FTP servers
  • Attractive design and layout


  • Only a free trial version
  • Techsmith will end support in 2019